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About Us


PSS Car Rental is a 100% BEE Company, with vested interest in car rentals, shuttle services and other related services including chauffer driven amongst others. The company is a partnership between PSS Aviation and Dynamic Supply Chain Management Consultant (DSCMC). PSS Aviation, an aviation ground logistics operations company operating at Lanseria Airport and Dynamic Supply Chain Management Consultant (DSCMC) is a long term car rental, fleet management and supply chain company, with a fleet of over 1500 vehicles leased to individuals, government and private companies.The owners have extensive experience in the Transportation / Motor Industry sector, having previously worked for car rental companies, car manufacturers, logistics and fleet management companies.


Bembe Zwane


Bembe Zwane is an experienced female executive, an Independent business consultant specializing in Business Development, Business Management Consulting, Sales and Marketing, Training and Development with more than 15 years experience in the Aviation, Fleet Management, ITC, Transport and Logistics, and in the Oil sector.

Key strength is in mergers and acquisitions, enterprise development, youth development (working with start-up’s and SME’s,) leading successful teams and maximising revenue generation and profits.


We commit to conduct a sustainable business and hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical conduct. This, we aim to fulfill by means of the following:


This we aim to fulfill by means of the following:

  • Application of resources to ensure that we achieve our clients strategic objectives
  • A satisfied customer base
  • Safety standards compliance
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